Commercial & Consumer construction lending

Drive More Business & Create Lasting Relationships

Trust Point is a powerful enterprise software solution engineered to scale large and complex commercial construction projects, build strong customer relationships and proactively mitigate risk.

Our exclusive technology will drive process efficiencies, provide unmatched visibility and transform the experience for all loan stakeholders.

Construction lending


Fix And Flip
Reduce risk, enforce policy and create borrower loyalty by providing a best-in-class experience on residential fix and flip loans. Bring your process online and gain visibility into your loan portfolio in real-time.
Multi family
Easily manage complex budgets and disbursement needs for multi-unit projects. Mitigate critical areas of risk, track unique project attributes, and automate processes to increase operational efficiency.

Everything you need to successfully manage your construction loan products

Drive efficiency

Complete more construction loans on time and within budget while decreasing your cost per loan.

Retain customers

Provide transparency and trust with your brand. Deliver a best-in-class customer experience that fits borrower needs.

Increase profitability

Improve your interest income by increasing efficiency and disbursement speed.

Show compliance

Fully configurable solutions to manage your company’s policies and procedures.

Reduce risk

Proactively manage loans to reduce stale projects, lien issues, and over disbursements.

Construction lending


New construction
Bring your residential construction lending program to the digital era and complete the end-to-end mortgage experience. Managing a construction loan should be easy and let you focus on what matters most, your relationships.
Renovation lending
Create an experience unique to your stakeholders for improved communication, streamlined draw processing and fast inspection processes. Provide access through a branded customer portal so borrowers and project stakeholders can communicate, exchange information and manage from the budget of record.