Portfolio Risk Platform for Construction Finance

Get real-time insights, streamline draw approvals, send verified disbursements & score loan health in real-time!


Founded in 2020, TrustPoint.ai is a leading data-driven SaaS technology platform for the construction, renovation, and bridge lending industry. The company serves real estate lenders, loan portfolio managers, builders and developers, investors, and other market participants.

Our innovative solutions cover loan portfolio monitoring, operational risk management, project health scoring, fund control disbursement and additional data driven functionality. TrustPoint's real time visibility and predictive insights provide key stakeholders with the confidence to scale safely and make more informed business decisions.

At TrustPoint, TRUST is the POINT

How It Works

3 steps to risk-free construction portfolio

TrustPoint enables an organization to have deep insights and set of tools to stay in control of the complexity of construction finance.


Best-in-class business intelligence platform with just-in-time risk, financial and progress data about your portfolio or single project.

Guided Control

Seamless & consistent workflow for draw life-cycle.
Decisions guided by project health score & benchmarks. Auditable management of budget, changes, draws.


Detect and get ahead of issues by deploying automated reminders, reallocations, spot inspections.

Key Features

Draw & Funds Control Management

Draw Processing
Enhance & harden internal draw administration processes by using all-in-one secure system
Policy Adherence
Centralized control over your policies. Setup and enforce funds control policies for all parties involved in a project.
Get real-time notifications when action is required. No need to wait for that email to come.
Risk Scoring & Analytics
Understand your portfolio risk metrics and actionable insights.
Document Management
Manage all of your assets & documents in an integrated and secure location.
Secure Disbursements
Integrated disbursements via ACH or wire to all parties.
Borrower Portal
Portal for your customers to track projects and disbursements.
Operational Insights
Track and audit performance of your team and optimize performance.
Communicate with the project stakeholders within the secure environment

TrustPoint is trusted by the lenders to monitor risk oversight

George Younes
Managing Director, CoreVest Finance

TrustPoint helped CoreVest to enable a smarter purchase of loan for our warehouse business.

Tom Hallock
Head of Loan Products at PeerStreet

I cannot imagine operating a construction lending business without TrustPoint.

Robert Jayne
Head of Loan Products at PeerStreet

I cannot imagine operating a construction lending business without TrustPoint.

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